spiralSouth West Foundation Course in Group Analysis


The South West Foundation course in Group Analysis is run by trained and experienced,UKCP registered Group Analysts.It has been a well regarded local training forum for those interested in groups for over 20 years.

The course is a comprehensive exploration of  groupwork in general and useful to all those engaged with or planning to engage with groups.

Successful completion of the foundation course is a prerequisite for full training in Group Analysis and an accredited foundation year for the Msc in Psychotherapy at Exeter university.




What is Group Analysis?


Group Analysis is a way of understanding group processes in small and large groups.  It has its roots in psychoanalysis, sociology and systems theory.  It is concerned with the reciprocal relationship between a person and the many groups of which he or she may be a part.  Through the group analytic process, the connections between the outer and inner, the public and private aspects of our lives can be explored.